Wallpaper, Dream Interpretation

Surface appearance of things; the surface layers of your own feelings and awareness, cover up.

Putting up wallpaper in a room may represent putting up a new decorative surface on the interior of your personality that covers up the cracks or damage from the past.

The action may also comment on a new or more functional pattern of behavior that you are ready to display.

Vision: If you are wallpapering one or more rooms: you would like to change something in your life, but the desire is still residing in your unconscious.

Depth Psychology: A dream about wallpaper is a challenge to express more feelings, intentions, and thoughts, and to throw away the mask you’ve been hiding behind. See Mask, Painting.

To dream that you or someone else is hanging up wallpaper, suggests that you are putting up a barrier between yourself and others. It also suggest that you are covering something up - a secret of sorts. Alternatively, it may mean something that needs beautifying.

To dream that you are peeling or stripping off wallpaper, symbolizes that you are beginning to let your guard down or allow yourself to connect more readily with others. It also indicates that you are revealing aspects of yourself that have been kept well hidden.

The color and pattern of the wallpaper in your dream will offer clues as what kind of barrier, secret, or feeling is being represented by the wallpaper.

1. Covering up something that one does not want others to see.

2. Attempt to make one’s life brighter, better.

3. Stripping wallpaper means trying to change one’s life.

Dreams of wallpaper represent the soft, decorative style you use to camouflage your boundaries or ego walls. See Wall.

1- To be stripping wallpaper in dreams suggests stripping away the old facade in order to create a new image.

To be putting up wallpaper signifies covering up the old self (possibly superficially), particularly if the old wallpaper is not removed.

2- Wallpaper in a dream can have the same significance as clothes on a character. We may be wanting to make changes in our lives but need to experiment and get a proper lit - first.

3- The dreamer should metaphorically take a look at himself and be sure that he is being true to himself, as wallpaper often symbolises an outer facade of some kind.

Wallpaper | Dream Interpretation

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