Warden, Dream Interpretation

Someone who restricts and controls others in a prison of invisible bars

See jailer

To dream of a warden implies a jailing of some sort in your waking life. Emotionally, you may be feeling imprisoned by your inability to defend yourself in a situation. Somebody may be taking advantage of your weaknesses to their own gain.

The best possible result will come from you gaining strength and courage from within before making any sudden moves.

(See Rural warden)

Dreams of a warden reveal a fear-based aspect of you that feels it is its job to keep your talent and true expression locked up and every action monitored and scrutinized. See Critic and

1- A warden in a dream is often a manifestation of the guardian or the keeper. We may have a part of our personality which acts as monitor or attempts to suppress other parts of our personality, and this appears as a warden.

2- In working with dream images we will often recognise aspects of the Spiritual Self which protcct us from outside influence and this also can appear as a warden.

3- The Guardian of the Threshold’ between the physical and the spiritual is represented by the warden.

Warden | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Keeper; Plantations guard; Warden) In a dream, a rural warden represents a rich person. Ifhe looks at walnut trees in the dream, it means that he will control business interests for foreign people.

If a warden looks at glass in a dream, it means that he will guard women’s interests.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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