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Warning bell, voice, signal: intuition that some­thing needs attention in our life, internally or externally. Being warned by someone else or voice: sense of not living up to our own standards; something we have noticed unconsciously but need to become consciously aware of.

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The wise will heed a warning; the unwise will not

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A warning—even though it is only in a dream—ought to be taken seriously.

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To receive a warning in a dream suggests that we are aware that either internally or externally something needs attention. We may be putting ourselves in danger.

To be warning someone highlights our ability to be aware of difficulty and danger, either to others or to hidden parts of our personality.

The circumstances of the dream will clarifv this.

To receive a written warning indicates we may be behaving badly.

3- A warning in this case can actually be showing us the way toward being a more intuitive person. Our intuition can be trusted we should use it accordingly.

Warning | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

If someone sees Allah reprimanding, warning or prohibiting him from doing something it means that he is indulging in abominable actions. He should reform without delay.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

My Dream Interpretation

If you dream of someone giving you a warning, this represents a situation or problem that is causing you much stress.

The dream warning may serve to get your attention and encourage you to focus on the real-life problem.

If you faced up to the danger in your dream, you will be successful at overcoming your troubles.... My Dream Interpretation

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