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A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Example: I was looking at a little matchbox shaped thing and one looked into it like a window. I looked at my arm through the window, then my vision was full of patterns of my energy going up and down my arm. It was very beauti­ful, leaflike shapes with glass-like balls and clear liquid but even the liquid making patterns on the move up and down’ (Wendy O). In general one is either looking out of, looking into, or going through a window. This makes them largely connected with what we see in the sense of perception or being aware of things, either within ourself, as in the example, or in regard to other people. So they can depict our eyes or awareness also.

Looking out of a window: your ‘view’ of or feelings about what you perceive in your environment or life; looking for a way out of a situation. Looking into a window: what you feel or ‘see’ in regard to someone else if you see another person; what you are aware of when ‘looking’ at or giving awareness to yourself. Climbing out of window: possibly your way of avoiding difficult feelings, i.e. by giving attention to exterior things—television, a book—rather than what we feel. Climb­ing in window: looking within oneself or seeing what makes someone else ‘tick’. Opening window: letting others see your feelings or opinions; allowing other people’s influence on yourself. No windows: not seeing what is going on around you; introversion, attention held by internal feelings, thoughts or concerns. Height of windows, such as first floor suggest what area of your experience you are looking at the world through. You might only look at life through a basement win­dow, which suggests being influenced by one’s sexuality or unconscious feelings; see levels of house within entry above. Example: ‘Presently I come to another domed window and stand looking at sea and sky. I am filled with serenity and peace’ (JD). Domed window, window in roof: depicts our head or mind. We each have a cosmic sense—a synthesis of experience in which we develop a personal view of what life is about in the largest sense; looking through the domed or roof window depicts this cosmic sense. Idioms: window dressing; window on the world; a room with a view. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

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