Where the sun sets—death or the end of something; physical life; down-to-earth self.

The west is where the sun sets, and it represents the emotional qualities of life.

The west may indicate the essential or authentic self and the child within. It is the direction taken toward depth and the understanding of emotions.

If you are moving toward the west, you are ready for the introspection it takes to face and cope with your emotions. (See Compass, Four directions.)

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Facing the sunset, i.E. Closure

The west in spiritual terms, from ancient times has suggested autumn, a time for harvesting.

The archangel is gabriel, keeper of wisdom. Consulting the entries for colour, elements, harvest and water will provide additional information.

Psychological / emotional perspective: We may be looking towards a time of rest and reward.

The magical element associated with the west is water and the colour is blue. These significances will often reveal themselves initially in dreams.

Material aspects: Specifically dreaming of the west indicates that we are looking at the sensitive creative side of ourselves. We link with the flow of life and the wisdom of experience.

Depth Psychology: This direction of the compass is a symbol for the connection between light and dark, body and spirit, consciousness and unconsciousness. What happened when you looked toward the West? What did you see? See Four Corners of the Compass.

To dream of places in the far West, or on the side, sign of a coming journey.

1. The desire to succeed (“go west, young man”) but it also applies to females.

2. The end of something.

The direction of the west represents a need for introspection, connection to your intuition and depth, and to the element of water. You are moving toward the completion of a chapter in a relationship or project, or toward a wild adventure that will bring you fortune and fame. See Water and Autumn.

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My Dream Interpretation

If you dreamed of feeling awestruck, or having a feeling of awe about something, this suggests you have an open mind and are ready to embrace new ideas. It may also indicate your confusion about what to do next in a certain waking situation.... My Dream Interpretation

Expansions Dream Dictionary

Balance and old ideas.... Expansions Dream Dictionary

Islamic Dream Interpretation

If a person sees himself performing Salaah, facing east (When qiblah is not in that direction ) it means that he will advocate the beliefs of the Qadriyyah set. (a sect who believes in the freedom of will).

If he performs Salaah facing west (When Qiblah is not in that direction) it means he will advocate the beliefs of the Jabriyyahn i.e.

The sect of the fatalists, believing that man has no power of will: he is involuntarily forced by Allah to do good or bad).... Islamic Dream Interpretation

My Dream Interpretation

To dream of being in a Western - or in old Western times - may represent your need for order and justice, particularly in your social scene.

If you were a cowboy or sheriff in the dream, you are a strong individual with the power to control your feelings and the direction of your life. Alternately, this dream may symbolize new opportunities for personal growth.... My Dream Interpretation