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To dream of a willow tree symbolizes sadness and mourning.

(See Moringa)

Do not trust a new acquaintance. Good news of someone dear to you.

1. Emotional balance.

2. Flexibility.

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To dream of willows, foretells that you will soon make a sad journey, but you will be consoled in your grief by faithful friends.

A dream of sorrow and grief (Gypsy). Old English writers associate this plant with graves and mourning.

(see Forest, Rods, Stick, Trees, Wand)

Symbolic of flexibility and tolerance because of its supple branches.

Wishes and magic.

An ancient willow wand, topped in a star, and carried by the Greek goddess Helice was a cosmic emblem connected strongly with the moon, divination, and the Mystery traditions.

Pain’s abate. Herbally, willow bark is a substitute for aspirin.

The weeping willow represents personal mourning or sadness. Remember the lesson of the willow, however, that also shows us how to bend without breaking. Do not let grief break your spirit.

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Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing animals in a green pasture: your life is going well—you will prosper. Seeing a willow tree: You need to remain steadfast now, but “bend like a willow tree” at the right time. Seeing a weeping willow: a friend is very sad and pours her heart out to you. Pussy willows: your life is peaceful; be satisfied (humble).

Depth Psychology: Why are you so “flexible” and accommodating? Are you hiding feelings of inferiority? Do you have so little confidence in yourself? Don’t you trust yourself? Do you always take the easy way out? Your “adaptability” is too extreme. You need to change that! See Reed.... Dreamers Dictionary

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

One who is in deep mourning and in need of empathy; see “tree” and “tears”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Christian Dream Symbols

weeping, mourning, sorrow, Ps. 137:2 ... Christian Dream Symbols

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Flexibility, smoothness, but also sadness (weeping willow). It is a light in the darkness.... Little Giant Encyclopedia