Controls the direction of public opinion, political promises, etc.

If the sails of the windmill are turning, then you will enjoy a large inheritance.

If they are at a standstill, then the inheritance will be small.

In a dream, a windmill represents a harsh fight between two people, or and end of a major dispute between two people. Awindmill in a dream also could represent one’s helpers, or representatives, or it could mean rain. (Also see Fan; Mill)

Intellectual powers. Intellectual or spiritual work. Battling with imagination, as in Cervantes’ Don Quixote.

Folklore: Small winnings.

Dreaming of a windmill is a good omen of contentment and modest financial security. However, if the windmill was damaged or you were endangered by it, this is a symbol of wasted energy and suggests that you should rethink the direction of your efforts.

Some gain, but only of a small character.

1. A sense of power.

2. Longing to be old-fashioned.

3. One’s state of mind.

1- The image of a windmill in dreams can often suggest the correct use of resources. Because wind often suggests intellect, it is therefore the use of intellectual assets.

2- A windmill has significance as an image of the harvesting of our efforts in this ease, of material resources available to us. As a storehouse of fertility, in dreams it can sometimes represent the feminine or the mother.

3- The windmill is symbolic of the many facets of the Spiritual Intellect, which in turn is stimulated by our own spiritual powers and abilities.

To see a windmill in operation in your dreams, foretells abundant accumulation of fortune and marked contentment To see one broken or idle, signifies adversity coming unawares.

If the mill is in operation you will make a small profit from your next business venture.

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Vision: Feeling a warm, soft wind: let go of the daily grind for now and indulge in the softer side of life.

A sharp, strong wind: find strength within you and the hurdles can be taken! Pieces of paper twirling in the wind: expect to receive news soon. See Paper. Having the wind at your back: projects at work are going well. Looking at a windmill: don’t be selfish—only hard work and patience will get you through.

Depth Psychology: The wind is a symbol of spiritual energies that unconsciously influence your life. Wind blowing in your lace means problems ahead. See Air.... Dreamers Dictionary