Windowsill, Dream Interpretation

According to Freud, projections from the human body—for instance, the breast.

Windowsill | Dream Interpretation

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The Language of Dreams

(see Herbs)

Love, especially if seen sitting on a windowsill. This was a way that Italian women welcomed their suitors.

An alternative dragon emblem, full of fire and power, having taken its name from the legendary “basilisk.”

Indian: The observation of sacred offerings and rites. This herb is used regularlv on altars to Krishna and Vishnu.... The Language of Dreams

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Looking at a cactus: you are isolating too much from people around you; you have become very “prickly.” Getting punctured by a cactus: thoughtless actions on your part will cause you harm. Watering a cactus: you are much too nice to people who don’t deserve it—they are “false friends.” Looking at a small cactus on a windowsill: you are too stingy—with yourself and others.

Depth Psychology: The cactus stands for the injuries that others have inflicted on you or for disappointments caused by false friends. It might also be symbolic of your own “prickliness.” See Porcupine.... Dreamers Dictionary

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