(Ibn Seerin’s Dictionary of Dreams)

(Guild) Ifone sees himselfflying with wings in a dream, it means travel.

Wings in a dream also representone’s children. Ifone sees his wings feathered, this could represent his prosperity or authority.

Ifsomeone sees himselfflying with someone else’s wings in the dream, it means that he will receive his help and support. In that sense, traditional people say: “So and so flew with so and so’s wings.” Having wings and not using them to fly with in a dream means acquiringworldlywealth.

A broken wing in a dream represents a severe illness one’s son may attract.

Ifone experiences the excruciating pain from his wings being pulled off his shoulders in a dream, it may mean the death of his son.

A wing that does not allow one to fly in a dream means a wound or a permanent scarin one’slife thatwillslow hisprogress.

It also could representa punishment for one’s sins. (Also see Arm’; Transformation)