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Dreamers Dictionary | Garuda

Vision: Dreaming that your face is wrinkled: not to panic, you are going to be young all the way into a ripe old age, even if something painful makes you doubt it. Looking at wrinkled- faced people: try not to be so arrogant.

The dream might also indicate that one of your projects will “stretch out” longer than you thought.

Depth Psychology: The wrinkles in your face are a testament to all your experiences and disappointments. What you do today (negative or positive) is influenced by the past.

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Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar

Experience and age.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean

A dream of facial or skin wrinkles foretells a happy increase in social popularity.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous

Compliments and social pleasures.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

1. Awareness of time going by, one getting older.

2. What one has learned from experience.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous

Dreams of wrinkles denote your feelings and associations with aging and the value of wisdom and hindsight that comes from having been around the block.

If you dream of a wrinkled article of clothing, then you are feeing unkempt, worn out, and unpresentable. Consider the feeling tone of this dream to discern the message for you.

The Fabric of Dream | Katherine Taylor Craig

To dream of seeing them in your own face promises a green old age (Raphael).

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Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of botox represent a desire for a quick fix, an emotional bypass and for eternal youth. This dream may be showing you that you are operating under the false idea that if you keep the wrinkles away you keep the aging process at bay. Consider the feeling tone. See Plastic Surgery.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Strangest Dream Explanations

To dream of dry cleaning represents that you are suiting up and showing up in your life, being hard pressed to look your best, and putting on a good appearance. You are ironing out all the wrinkles in your presentation and public image.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of the element of iron represent strength, power, unbendable, inflexible, stubborn energy. Your dream may be showing you that you have too many irons in the fire. Dreams of ironing clothes represent your ability to eliminate the wrinkles, challenges, and struggles of your life. You have the ability to take matters into your own hands, iron out the details, and make everything seamless, understandable, and presentable.... Strangest Dream Explanations

My Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are ironing, signifies domestic comfort and orderliness. You may be trying to “iron the wrinkles” out of your life.

To dream that you burn yourself while ironing, signifies worry or jealousy. Ironing boards in dreams represent stability and self-control.... My Dream Interpretation

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