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A yew tree outlives most other trees, and regenerates when its branches take root, so even if the main trunk dies it still continues. Thus it symbolizes transformation, great age and spiritual immortality. Ancient peoples were in the habit of planting yew trees as acts of sanctification near to where they expected to be buried.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: Considered to be the most powerful tree for protection against evil, the yew is a means of connecting to your ancestors and a bringer of dreams and journeys into other dimensions. There can also be an aspect of word-play here as sometimes happens in dreams, in that the ‘yew’ is focusing your attention away from yourself as the dreamer to some other aspect of the dream.

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Material aspects: In former times the yew tree symbolized mourning and sadness and was a symbol of the old magic. While few people would necessarily recognize a yew tree, there is, on an unconscious level, awareness of such knowledge in everyone. Such a symbol can surface as instinctive awareness in dreams.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

1. Death.

2. Rebirth.

3. Immortality.

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also see Tree

1- In former times the yew tree symbolised mourning and sadness. While few people would necessarily recognise a yew tree, there is, on an unconscious level, awareness of such knowledge in everyone. Such a svmbol can surface as instinctive awareness in dreams.

2- There can be an aspcct of wordplay here in that the ‘yew’ is in fact ‘you’ in the sense of someone other than the dreamer. This wordplay is a way of focusing the dreamer’s attention away from himself.

3- A yew tree, which is said to outlive manv other trees, may symbolise spiritual immortality.

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(see Forest, Trees)

Norse mythology 7 portrays the yew as Yggdrasil, or the World Tree. As such, this is a great symbol of security and firm roots.

Folkloric: Protection, specifically against magic meant to charm or beguile.

For someone who has been sick, this is a good omen. It foretells long life.

Celtic: A hunt or search. This was a favored wood for bows because of its flexible strength. What is it that you’re hunting}

Among the Druids, yew wood was used to foretell the future.

If you accept this interpretation, look at the rest of the images in the dream as potentially prophetic in content.

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Christian Dream Symbols

Symbolic of being a hypocrite, Matt. 7:5... Christian Dream Symbols

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Witness)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of a yew tree, is a forerunner of illness and disappointment.

If a young woman sits under one, she will have many fears to rend her over her fortune and the faithfulness of her lover.

If she sees her lover standing by one, she may expect to hear of his illness, or misfortune.

To admire one, she will estrange herself from her relatives by a mesalliance.

To visit a yew tree and find it dead and stripped of its foliage, predicts a sad death in your family. Property will not console for this loss. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

A symbol of strength. You are someone others can lean on when they have a need. Your friends find that they can turn to you with their problems. See also Tree.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary

The Complete Dream Book

A girt who dreams of sitting under a yew tree will have many worries concerning the faithfulness of her lover.

If she sees her lover standing beside a yew tree, It is probable that she will bear that he U ill or in danger.... The Complete Dream Book

Encyclopedia of Dreams

A dream of a yew tree foretells much illness for the dreamer. Dreaming of a dead yew tree is a bad omen that suggests a grievous loss in the family that nothing can compensate you for.

If you dream of admiring one then you will have a falling out with your family.... Encyclopedia of Dreams

The Fabric of Dream

A dream denoting honor and great wealth. (Gypsy). A sacred tree amongst the Romans and the early Britons, who prized it especially in the manufacture of bows.... The Fabric of Dream

Mystic Dream Book

This dream denotes the death of an aged person, or relation, or patron, from whom you will receive a legacy which will place you above want.

If you dream that you sit under a Yew-tree, it foretells that your life will not be long. But if you merely gaze upon it and admire it, it is a sign that you will live long.... Mystic Dream Book

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