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Oneself at that age; the attitudes and responses de­veloped at that age.

If dreamer younger than youth: one s potential of growth and change; the part of self growing to­wards that age. See boy, girl.

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Vision: Seeing yourself as a young person: you keep trying to turn back the clock—but to no avail.

The dream is a warning: your rigid and narcissistic attempts “to remain young” is causing you to miss out on today’s possibilities and making you look foolish.

Depth Psychology: Youth is the symbol of continued spiritual growth and increasing maturity. Older people dreaming about youth often want to ignore the reality of aging.

The dream is a warning against living in the past”.

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Primarily a symbol that appears in the second half of life. In the dream your life is seen in perspective, pointing to behavior that might have lead to problems (neurosis).

If such a dream happens to appear in the first half of your life, it usually points to undeveloped characteristics of the dreamer.

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This is a dream of pleasant augury unless you see and hear young people quarreling.

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(see Age, Baby)

Having optimistic, Utopian outlooks that may or may not have any practical applications.

Abundant energy welling from within.

A playful spirit, renewed health, and innocent happiness.

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Vision: In a woman’s dream, the fountain of youth is a signal that love is “wilting”—try to breath new life into your relationship. In a mans dream, it is a desire to be more youthful, to have more fun and a more active and intense love relationship. Depth Psychology: See Youth.... Dreamers Dictionary

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Dreams of a fountain of youth represents your desire for eternal youth, vitality, innocence and play. You are aware of the fact that if you are engaged in living your bliss, then you can virtually age backwards. You have found a way to tap into your inner spiritual wellspring. See Fountain.... Strangest Dream Explanations

My Dream Interpretation

To dream about a youth group refers to the merging of various aspects of your personality. It also suggests that you should try to enjoy yourself more and have confidence in your ability to interact with others.

If you didn’t get along with the people in your dream, this indicates that you are unsure of your social skills.... My Dream Interpretation

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Figuratively immature... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

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